MNG Health

UI Design

The MNG Health website redesign is full product management plan, approximately 300 stories, with details, fibonacci size, priority, minimum viable product, and needed additional resources (or learning curve for internal resources) noted. This plan allowed the company to make a decision on the next steps for the project. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is reduced pages, reuse existing imagery, no SEO, and internal resources. Non-MVP (all-in) is all pages, including new section and new product, updated imagery, SEO, and uses internal and additional resources.

My role included Project Planning and creation of Project Proposal and Wireframes.

Website to Redesign

At the time, MNG Health’s company website ( had some notable issues: long load times for images and no live text on most the pages. Hover states used throughout the site to get more information, hiding pertinent content from the user. High saturation background as well as blocks of color behind text cluttered most sections. I created a simple redesign concept that was too far away from their current branding, but they wanted to know what would be involved in a redesign. This initial project plan included a fully responsive site, SEO, a CMS for the blog, and new content. To convey the complexity of the full project, we created an extensive bottom up project plan that allowed management make an educated decision on whether to move forward in-house with limited resources or to move the project to an outside agency.


MNG Health wanted to keep the new site’s information layout similar to the current site, as to not confuse current users. Creating a design that was clean, readable, responsive, and included search engine optimization. They also wanted to include the recently updated color palette and design elements from their print pieces.

Project Plan Highlights

Objective: Reimplement the MNG Health website ( and associated social media assets to reflect a more contemporary brand image. Enhance content to reflect new Media Hub platform; update references to MNG’s usage of data and technology for Innovation; Restyle imagery to reflect a more contemporary design. Effort: 311 Hours (MVP)–670 Hours (All-In with SEO) taking 12–20 weeks.